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Xtreme Builder Plugin Review - It Won't Install Unless I DELETE my WordPress Site and Reinstall it!


I decided to write this Xtreme Builder Plugin review because of a decision I made on April 20th of 2016, to purchase and test, another drag and drop WP page builder and the horrible experiences I had with the Xtreme Builder support staff.

I watched their entire sales video, read their sales letter, and thought this would be an incredible tool that to create WP pages. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! I NEVER GOT IT INSTALLED!

Xtreme Builder PluginNOTE: I copied this logo and pasted it here so
you are 100% aware of which plugin I am speaking of.

Here is my recommendation; DO NOT PURCHASE Xtreme Builder Plugin!!!!  There might be many reasons, but for me it all boils down to one...installation! I never even got a chance to see how the plugin works on my site because I CAN'T install it WITHOUT deleting my root WP app.

Now let me give you a little detail. I've been using WordPress for over six (6) years and have installed 14 WP sites over the past few years. I use as my host, and have NEVER had an issue installing WordPress using Installatron (the 1-click installation tool in cPanel).  Now, I purchase a WP plugin that won't work unless the WP installation was completed the old-fashioned way - using the File Manager or FTP...OMG!!!!!  

Well the bottom line is (was) that without deleting my WP site (that I installed in 2012), and reinstalling it the hard way, the Xtreme Builder Plugin won't work. It has something to do with the "limits" - which support said should be controllable using the php.ini file...apparently not!

Xtreme Builder Plugin Has HORRIBLE "Support"!

Jump to June 15th, 2016, and I STILL don't have the Xtreme builder Plugin installed and working. Apparently the plugin has SO many unique settings, that "support" has recommended that I DELETE my WordPress installation, and reinstall WordPress. WHAT???!!! Either way, I have been fighting this install issue for SEVEN WEEKS now, and I'm DONE.

Upon my first contact with Support (on SKYPE...HOW MANY support people work through SKYPE?) I was told by support to create a user account for them in my WP site, and they could "take care of the issue". Which I did, and NOTHING happened. They never even tried to log into the user account I created for them! I asked, over and over, for THREE WEEKS when I was going to get the support I was promised. I was told....I had to delete WP and reinstall using the File Manager in cPanel. Thanks!!  I knew that!  For this plugin to work, I had to upload a raw version of WP, and install it "without the 1-click tool."

Oh yea...I was also told, by support, how much everybody was loving the plugin...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Since when does support give out propaganda...opps, I meant testimonials?

HERE is THE Xtreme Builder Plugin Support That REALLY P'd Me Off!!

Get a load of this crap!  Xtreme Builder don't allow us, their customers and members of their closed FB group, to post what is on our minds. I'm NOT kidding!! They monitor EVERY post in their Facebook page and won't approve anything negative. And in the event you try place a negative comment on the FB page, they pick and choose which postings make the page. And as I can attest - when you place a request to "vent" on the FB page, you get dumped!  I placed a simple question "May I vent here in this forum?"  I was GONE! No explanation, no ceremony, you're just not a member anymore!  Oh more unbelievable point, the support "forum" actually HIDES the word "REFUND."  Once again are you KIDDING ME!

Fact is, this was only $47.00 and not a huge loss if they don't give me a refund, but it's the principal of the whole thing; right.  Tell me UP FRONT that I need to install this plugin on a manually installed version of WP! Don't wait until I'm a customer and tell me in the very first training video!!  I thought I was seeing things when I watched the first want me to do WHAT??? Delete my WordPress install, and then reinstall it.  Not to mention all the messing about with the .htaccess file, and the php.ini file, and all the time on the phone with GoDaddy support to do something that made NO difference. I've been using WP for many years, installed hundreds of plugins, and this was the single WORST experience I've had with a plugin! And I've had some others that would curl your hair.

I Am Using an Alternative That Works GREAT...Profit Builder by Sean Donahoe

If you're interested in a real good alternative for your websites, that installs in a jiffy; I have a suggestion for a very STRONG drag and drop page builder. For almost two years now, I have been using Profit Builder (this site is built with Profit Builder; both the theme and the plugin to build my WP pages.  And just so we're clear, the reason I purchased Xtreme Builder was to compare and see if it was equal to or better than Profit Builder. My personal opinion - I still don't know; due to the reasons I've stated above. But I'll tell you this, if the plugin is as horrible as the support...

I'll be honest, there were issues in the beginning with Profit Builder, but 99% of those issues were because I was learning a new product, not because of the product itself. The support has been very good, and I'm using both the plugin and theme on multiple sites without any problems, and I did NOT have to delete WP and reinstall it on any of my sites. Nor did I have to change the .htaccess or php.ini files. I installed it, activated it, and it worked.

If you want to ask me any questions about the issues I had with Xtreme Builder, of if you have any questions about Profit Builder...reach out to me. I'll be honest with you regarding the issues I've had and how to proceed.

My best to you!
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Update #1) To be fully transparent - It is now 12:11AM on 6/16/2016, and I just received a FULL refund of my purchase price for Xtreme Builder.  And as a side note, and something I find VERY odd...I told the affiliate (sorry, but I won't share his name with you) that I would like to figure out how to install Xtreme Builder plugin and give it a test drive...his reply -"walk away."  Which I did!


If you're looking for a simple, robust, drag and drop site builder - I'd like to recommend Profit Builder....check it out here if you're interested. By the way, another benefit of purchasing Profit Builder, NO MONTHLY FEES!  Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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