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From the Mind of Rich Wahne…Founder of EXPERTS Made Easy, and the Baby Boomer Retirement Roadmap (BBRR)

How to Start a Blog!

In this episode, we’re going to dig deep into BLOG Marketing Made Easy – 5 TIPS TO GETTING POWERFUL RESULTS!  I think you’ll be surprised with a couple of these top 5 tips, and I guarantee at a minimum that you’ll be saying…Hmmmmmm! I never thought of that! So let’s get to it..

Almost every author or aspiring blogger that has taken the effort and time to create a blog post, or many blog posts, has become disheartened after a few days, a few weeks, or especially after a few months – when their blog fails to attract the expected “thousands of readers” we all expected. And if you’re human, you know what I mean!  Why…because it’s human nature to feel down when you don’t obtain the results you were/are hoping for. Right?

Unfortunately, it’s a real shame that we must experience that disheartened feeling! Because…IF bloggers just followed a few simple and proven-to-work blog marketing steps, they would probably discover that there is in FACT, a willing and excited audience just dying to read about the topics you’re writing about. So, what does a blogger have to do to get noticed? Not a lot really. But there is a recipe that will work…if you follow it. Here are a few blog marketing ideas that should get, most blogs, some reasonable viewing traffic in a short space of time…like within a week.


Did you notice the use of the word “NICHE” in the title of this TIP? Seriously now! The world doesn’t need another “vanity blog” about what you did this past weekend or what you are going to have for breakfast tomorrow! Those are for friends and family members…not most blog readers. Even if your grandson is a super amazing 8th grade track and field, upcoming superstar, and you place pictures of him winning the 100M dash and the Long Jump in the district championships, you’re probably going to have a challenging time getting noticed. Why? As mentioned in my 7 tips to create an awesome blog, people are looking for content where they can learn something new…not sharing family photos.

Now If you already have a vanity blog and are wondering why you are not getting traffic, then you need to understand that the vanity blog market is totally saturated, and perhaps even dead. Might I suggest you consider changing your blog so that it’s relevant to a topic or niche where you can share your experiences with people interested in learning something new – an interest, career, or a hobby for example.


If you REALLY want to learn how to start a blog, consider joining and becoming a contributing member of a forum related to your subject matter, will help you gain new viewers; and it (gaining new viewers) happens while you sleep too. You don’t have to be pushy, simply add the URL of your blog in your forum signature, and allow people to find your blog, naturally…and for crying out loud, don’t spam forums saying, “look at my blog.” Everybody HATES that!!

Just simply join in on the conversation naturally and allow the magic to happen. As you enter the conversation, and If you are a decent communicator, people will get curious about your addition to the forum, and along the way you will pick up a few more readers.  But be cautious! You’ll certainly want to join a forum that revolves around a subject that your blog will be about, or at the very least, has a common theme. In other words, if your blog is about how to improve your golf swing, for heaven’s sake don’t join a forum on classic cars, start posting with your favorite golf tips, and expect to have the existing members welcome you with open arms. They won’t! However, If the forum you post in is all about improving your golf swing, or the latest golf gear to improve the length of your drive, then you will probably have a outstanding chance (over time) to earn readers from that forum, and get them on over to your blog!

Do some research and uncover the most popular forums in the niche, and make sure these forums are relevant to what you will be writing about. Because you need to be relevant, and on point. For example, what is the title of this post? Blog Marketing Made Easy! Now honestly, have I stayed pretty much on target with my content? Or have I been discussing content about any other topic? NO! Because you need to be relevant, and on point.

How do you accomplish this? Find relevant forums! And then post your best content to those forums. And repeat this tactic over and over…each post needs to be a little different than the last, and on point. Sounds like you can do this doesn’t it? You can!

So how do you go about finding related and relevant forums on your topic? Quite easy really! Simply surf on over to Google and enter keyword related to your niche PLUS the word ‘forum.’ For example, search “golf swing forum,” and you should get a list of anywhere from a few thousand to a few million to choose from. As I just discovered…10,200.000 results when I searched for “golf swing forum.” Think you can find just 10 forums out of 10,200,00?  Oh, yea you can!  Once you’ve found the top ten forums in your subject, narrow them down to the top four or five that you feel comfortable with, and make sure they have at least a few thousand active members; then join those forums. Once you’re in, start adding to the conversation and let the magic begin.


Make sure to utilize trackbacks and pingbacks on all the blogs you have linked to so that they know you’re still active. In another post, I mentioned that the spiders LOVE active blogs…well here’s a way to make sure you’re seen and heard and to let others know your still alive. Here’s a tip that really shouldn’t be a secret…when people find out that you have talked about them, they get curious and will come to see what you said; and along with them, some of their readers. Talking about popular stories from popular blogs may get you more than just a few visitors too.


Plan on commenting on other people’s blogs as often as it makes sense – (without spamming of course). And in most forums, you’ll be able to add a link back to your blog, in your signature – and people do follow these links so make sure you have your signature set up with the correct URL. It’s also a great idea to set your targets on blogs that discuss the same subject or niche that you will be an EXPERT on. And this target idea is a HUGE point – because you will only want targeted readers who are more likely to continue reading your blog; because of the topic or subject matter. Oh yea…AVOID using any of the tools, or bots, out there that will automatically add content to forums for you!!!  Don’t fall for these tools!  You’ll piss off more people than you gain, and Google can track these and will penalize you.  Take it from somebody that’s purchased these tools in the past and had bad results…that would be ME!  Take the time to add content to your forums the old-fashioned way…one at a time, with awesome content, and some thought!


It should be obvious, but apparently, it’s not, and this is probably the MOST important part of blogging – you need to keep blogging consistently and on a regular basis! For example, every single Friday, I receive Tim Ferriss’ blog post update…for those of you that aren’t aware of Tim Ferriss, he’s the author of the very popular 4-Hour Work Week, and all the other 4-Hour products he’s created. You need to check Tim out…he’s incredible! If you check out Tim’s blog, and pay close attention, you’ll learn how to start a blog just by watching how a real pro does it…and YES, Tim Ferriss is a pro!

People just flat don’t return to blogs when they notice the last entry was a few months ago…however, they WILL return to a blog that is updated weekly, or even better – daily. I suggest you add more and additional content at least once per day, especially in the initial stages of getting your blog noticed. This is hugely important.  Even if you simply go to your blog and add an “UPDATE” to a post that you published two weeks ago.  You’ll get more traction from this tactic, and it’s not a LOT of work to make it happen.  Remember, you WILL make your blog a success, if you know the puzzle, and how to put it all together. You simply need the secrets!

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Well that brings us to the end of this Experts Made Easy Podcast, and I want to thank you for making it all the way through to this point!  If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out   You’ll have the option to join one of my many free memberships where you’ll have access to the TOP internet marketing tools you’ll need to either start your online business or take your existing business to the next level.

Thanks for being part of the BLOG Marketing Made Easy – 5 TIPS TO GET the Results you expect.   Until we hook up again next week, MY challenge to you this week is – don’t be shy! Apply the BLOG Marketing Made Easy – 5 TIPS TO GET the Results you expect.  …and let’s get you on the path to becoming an EXPERT!

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