How To Remove and Replace a Vinyl Fence Post the EASY Way.

This short video will teach you how to remove a broken vinyl fence post, concrete and all – the easy way.

As I was standing there looking at my broken vinyl fence post, the most difficult question I kept coming up with was, and had no answer to – was how do I remove a broken PVC fence post that is set in hundreds of pounds of concrete?  Being an engineer, I thought that I might be able to use a lever, of sorts; and that’s the secret I found. This used to be a HORRIBLE job as it’s NOT easy…well it wasn’t easy…until now.

Vinyl fence post repair doesn’t have to be miserable, expensive, or even impossible anymore. I believe that you will agree that I’ve discovered a way to remove a concrete wrapped vinyl fence post easily, and without spending a lot of money on special jacks and hardware that you would only use on fence post repair in the future. By the way, this technique will work with a wooden fence post that is encased in concrete too.

My video will teach you the most perfect vinyl fence post replacement technique ever invented by humans…LOL…well at least a vinyl fence post removal technique that works easily and inexpensively.

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  • 03/23/2018

    This really does look so much easier! I only wish I saw this video before I spent hours in the garden yesterday. However I still have some post’s to remove so I’ll definitely be using this method.

  • Jeff Young

    thanks for the helpful video. I was going to just leave the old concrete in there but probably ought to do it your way! What would you do if you had a tractor? probably can use that to pull the thing out after it is loose, but how to attach to a chain? Will figure it out. Jeff

    • admin

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your feedback; the technique that I came up with works real well!

      I’m not sure I would use a tractor even if I had one available, as we are only talking about a couple hundred pounds. Whether you are dealing with a vinyl or wood post, you can still drill a hole through the post and use a long bar to lift the post out of the hole – concrete and all.

      Use a lot of caution an don’t let the weight of the concrete get any momentum! Just be safe.


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